A Review Consultant will create a plan for us for the strategic positioning with our top-level executives and high-level managers and prepares a written development and growth plan according our mission, vision, and initiatives. They advise our team on product placement, price and promotions and give their input on the marketing and product positioning of their products or services and content marketing and brand promotion activities. A review consultant participates in the meetings of marketing, advertising and brand enhancement team and advises them on preparing marketing and advertising materials.


Has to submit timely, accurate payments for payers for products and services provided. Understands the terms and fee schedule for all contracts for which invoices are submitted. Correctly determines quantities and prices for services billed. Verifies that the services and products are correctly authorized and that required documentation is on file. Ensures that invoices are submitted for services and products that are properly ordered and confirmed as provided.

Follows up on invoices submitted to ensure prompt and timely payment. Calls to verify that claims submitted were received and are in processing. Sends letters to the patient or responsible party when their insurance carrier fails to make payment reasonable time frame. Generates and mails statements and collections letters. Follows up on all denials within 48 hours of receipt. Ensures compliance with policies and guidelines outlined in the contract terms and fee schedule. Follows HIPPA guidelines when accessing and sharing patient information to maintain patient and business confidentiality.



We are looking for a VP of Talent Management to shape and implement strategies that will help us develop and retain high-performing employees.

VP Talent Management responsibilities include designing employee training programs, building succession plans and crafting an internal promotion process. To be successful in this role, you should have a solid understanding of full-cycle recruiting along with a strategic mindset in order to develop a skilled workforce.

Ultimately, you will build a talent pipeline that aligns with our hiring needs and business objectives.

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